Effectively Creep Feeding Your Foals

Effectively Creep Feeding Your Foals

Creep feeding foals is one of the best ways to help with the weaning process away from dependence on the mare. Here’s what it is and how it is done properly:

What creep feeding is
Creep feeding is when you want to give your foals a very specific feed that you don’t want your mares to be able to get to. This is done by setting up a feeder that the mare can’t possibly go through.

Why creep feeding is done
Creep feeding is done because while you will want to wean the foal off of the mare, you will still need him to get the nutrients that he needs. This includes high-quality feeds that your veterinarian should recommend.

Tips for creep feeding
When you do creep feed, there are definitely some very important things to keep in mind. You need to know how many foals will be entering the creep so you can limit the consumption of the foals. Make sure you have a creep that can withstand a few forces – the mare and the weather. You don’t want the mare breaking into the creep or poor weather conditions to ruin the feed.

On a final note, make sure you show the foals how to get in and out of the creep feeder. Being as how the mare can’t demonstrate like it does for everything else, you will need to show the foal the purpose and function on your own.

Before starting any kind of a regimen for your foals, ask your vet exactly what you need to do. Key factors include their weight, age, consumption and the types of nutrients that are in the feed.